EXCITING NEWS....We're opening a RESTAURANT at our market! A great family place in Inwood with a rustic & relaxing atmosphere serving amazing housemade chef specialties from sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, catering and so much more!!  Opening early 2016!

AND GUESS WHAT?.....We want our family and friends to help NAME IT!

COMMENT below with deli/restaurant names. If we pick your suggestion, you'll be entered to WIN a $50 gift certificate to Taylor's Farm Market! We would love to keep the history of the building (an old apple packing facility) in the theme of the name!  Some suggestions we've  gotten so far include the Packhouse Deli and the Cider Press Grill/Deli.

So it's up to you to fill in the blank....   __________________ at Taylor's Farm Market

(Note: If there are multiple comments with the same suggested name, only one winner will randomly be chosen to win the gift certificate from the pool of the winning name, including facebook posts.)