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Local Meats


 Harmony Hill Farm | Shepherdstown, WV

Grass-fed beef, pork and lamb from family farm Harmony Hill Farm in Shepherdstown, WV. 


FLYING W FARMS | Burlington, WV

Active family owned and operated diversified independent farm that has supported generations of family members engaged in mindful cultivation of the land, environmentally sound practices, and animal care ethics with a great level of respect and integrity.  FWF Natural Angus Beef is processed in a on the farm processing facility by their experienced staff under inspection by the USDA and their master butcher and owner, Richard Woodworth, who brings years of expertise to the table.  Located in Burlington, WV.


Hoffman's Meats | Hagerstown, Maryland

Providing the best quality meats since 1923. Their all natural and organic product line-up is firmly based in sustainable farming techniques and clean eating ideals. Their philosophy is grounded in certified humane handling practices to show the highest respect to the animals as possible. The result is unsurpassed meat products with bold and original taste profiles.  Their famous sausage, all natural products, and organic meats are made fresh daily.  We also carry their uncured bacon, hot dogs, sausages and chicken breast.


We also carry Hobe's Country Ham Trimmings and more!











The Cowger family opened The Custard Stand in 1991 as a take-out dairy bar in Webster Springs, West Virginia, and incorporated a century-old family recipe for the hot dog chili. Customers kept asking where they could buy Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili (CSHDC). They asked so many times that in 2003, we converted the three-bay car wash behind the Webster Springs restaurant into a state of the art, USDA-approved production facility and opened our second business, Custard Stand Food Products.