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Fresh-baked breads, pies, apple dumplings, apple cider donuts, gourmet fudge, and other country creations that you love most are piled on our farm market shelves here in Inwood, WV. We start baking early and use only the best ingredients - just how Grandma used to do. You can't beat the flavor or the care that goes into our beautiful bakery goods.  Nothing beats the smell of pies straight out of the oven!

Some of our more popular bakery items:


Fresh-baked Pies

Apple Cider Donuts- In Season Only

Apple Dumplings

Homemade Fudge


Some of our bakery items can be purchased through our online market as well, for when you can't stop in.



Oh boy, do we have some treats for you! From Trickling Springs Creamery grass-fed organic milk in glass bottles to their ever-popular line of amazing ice cream flavors, you'll love getting your local dairy from Taylor's Farm Market. And with a whole line of fresh cheeses and farm-fresh, minimally processed, organic butter, we have the quality, local dairy it takes to keep your home cooking tasting like home.




We take pride in serving Vinemont Beef Co, its Superior quality, Jefferson County-grown beef products are from Angus and Angus X cattle. All meat is added hormone and antibiotic-free!  Also we carry bacon, pork chops, sausages and chicken from Hoffman Quality Meats





Jams & Jellies


WV Gifts and Décor

More Inside our Farm Market:

grocery items at Taylor's Farm Market

West Virginia pride T-shirts and gear the Taylor's Candy Wagon in our farm market