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BBQ, hot sauce, pasta, wing sauce and more!!shelves of sauces at Taylors Farm Market


Oliverio’s Italian Style Peppers is a family-owned business that has operated in Clarksburg, W.Va., for 40 years, making a range of products, from peppers in sauce or in brine to cauliflower and a garden mix, as well as hot and mild vinegar peppers. It has thrived in its niche, leading the U.S. Small Business Administration to recognize Oliverio’s as one of the state’s best businesses in 2011.


We carry their ever so popular " West Best" secret sauce, wing sauce, Hot Pepper Jelly and Hot Honey Mustard!


Bar- B-Que Beast Sauce is made from scratch using quality ingredients and produced in small batches to ensure a consistent flavor. This sauce has a taste all it's own.


Although made in Western North Carolina, this is a sweet tomato based sauce that boasts all natural ingredients, no preservatives, and is gluten free. With ingredients like apple cider vinegar, mustard, molasses, and honey, you get the best of several styles. Plus, a serving size has 0 grams total fat, saturated fat, and Trans fat. Bone Suckin’ Sauce is the original flavor!


The extraordinary journey of partners, Jim Stott and Jonathan King, who were waiters, cooks and avid gardeners, has captured the interest of many and the loyalty of every employee. From the beginning, the company was based on ideals born out of Maine: unspoiled beauty, wholesomeness, a sense of community. It is a testament to the art of preserve making and the growing public interest in wholesome, quality and tasty ingredients. "If you really produce a high quality item, you'll be successful." That's the secret according to Jim and Jonathan.


Nestled in the Appalachian foothills in West Virginia you will find a quaint rural town that is known for its rustic beauty, small-town hospitality and tantalizing cooking sauces, glazes and salad dressings.
This place is Spencer, West Virginia and it is home to Appalachian Mountain Specialty Foods.
From there old-fashioned salad dressings, to include there ever-popular Wilted Lettuce Salad Dressing, delicious glazes and sauces to there all-purpose pickling brine, they are here to help you create delicious dishes that you and your family and friends will enjoy and will be talking about for a long time to come.


and our very own Taylor Farms Market sauces! 



Some of these delicious sauces can be purchased through our online market as well, for when you can't stop in.