Snook Production 2014 – Taylors Farm Market

Snook Production 2014



Snookerdoodle Latte – Yum! A delicious hint of brown sugar and cinnamon! Perfect in the morning with breakfast!

 Spiced Cider-Red hots candies, cloves and cinnamon wake up your taste buds! A delicious addition to your cider. Use cider mix in fresh apple cider and cran-raspberry juice…it’s a treat that will warm you all over! Bottle makes 20 eight oz. cups of cider…enough for all your guests!

 Vanilla Caramel Latte - Vanilla and Caramel combine in a fabulous duo of flavor! This one is great prepared cold during those hot summer afternoons and warm on a cold winters night…think of it as your new best friend!! 

Pumpkin Caramel Latte- Pumpkin Spice with a hint of caramel…tastes like Autumn in a mug.

Snookies Cinnamon Cocca-Cinnamon and chocolate! An incredible duo just waiting to dazzle you. Can’t wait for a second cup! Bottle makes 6-8 eight oz. cups of creamy cinnamon goodness! This flavor also comes in our bulk bag size that is perfect for sharing!

 Vanilla Chai - We discovered that Chai makes an excellent iced flavor while at an outdoor festival last summer. So, we couldn’t resist creating an Iced Vanilla Chai to share with our customers. (Just be careful…this one’s addicting!!)

Spiced Chai- A subtle blend of tea, milk, and savory spices. It’s sweet, it’s satisfying and especially soothing. Bottle makes 10 eight oz. cups of chai!

These Chai Teas make a great gift for anyone on your list this year!

This winter…enjoy snuggling up with a good book, blanket and all of these coffees!